Watercress Springs Home & Estate Sales

Email MarketingWatercress Springs Home & Estate SalesIn 2009, I developed a website for Watercress Springs Home & Estate Sales on Moonfruit.com, a flash-based online website publishing platform. This was the best solution at the time since the owner wanted the ability of making simple updates to her website on her own and liked slick Flash popup image galleries to showcase items available at her estate sales.

As her business grew, the use of mobile devices took off. The lack of Flash support on Apple iPhones and iPads spearheaded the search for a better online publishing platform.

In 2012, I redesigned the website in WordPress. Despite the thousands of WordPress themes available, the owner wanted to keep the same look and feel as her previous Flash-based website. I accomplished this goal by extensively modifying a WordPress theme’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet.) I also recreated the “Splash” page by publishing a simple static HTML web page and making it the default landing page.

In addition to providing home estate sales services, Watercress Springs utilizes their website to sell select furnishings and accessories. I developed a template and provided training to give the owner the skills and capabilities of adding new items and marking existing items as sold without my assistance.

On ConstantContact.com, I have created email invitations and announcements, to market her business to new, and existing customers and clients. When a website visitor signs up to receive email notifications of upcoming sales, they never leave WatercressSprings.com. Their information is automatically added to her mailing list through a free WordPress plugin that I installed and configured on her website.