Angel Commercial LLC

Angel Commercial LLCAngel Commercial Property Listing
In August of 2010, I joined Angel Commercial LLC as their Director of Marketing. One of my first tasks was to redesign their website that was built solely in HTML. By developing a database to hold their real estate property listings, replacing HTML pages with ASP, and developing an administrative content management interface, their website provides dynamic content and produces marketing materials including property flyers, fact sheets, and email newsletters. Previously these materials had to be created by hand. The website eliminates unnecessary duplication of input and improves information accuracy and consistency.


Search Engine Optimization
By using field data to create meta tags, all of their dynamic content is optimized for Search Engines.

Social Networking
I also built Angel Commercial a Facebook page that automatically pulls in their property video tours from their YouTube channel (which I also set up.) In addition, I created a Twitter account and a LinkedIn page for their company.

Angel Commercial on Facebook